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Haughton Park, Scotland

A brand new £70,000 project was built in Haughton Country Park.

04/06/2019 10:22:00

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Bathford Play Area, Bath

Bathford Council contracted HAGS to design and create a new play area that gives local children plenty of opportunities to play and socialise.

18/04/2019 08:47:00

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King George V Recreation Ground, Berkshire

Winkfield Parish Council contracted HAGS to create a brand new playground for the whole community to enjoy.

11/02/2019 13:01:00

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Haughton Park, Scotland

HAGS were contracted to design and install a new £70,000 play area in Haughton Country Park, Aberdeenshire which was funded by their 2017/2018 capital programme. Haughton Park is one of four country parks in Aberdeenshire, 30 miles North West of Aberdeen and boasts a large open space with a striking backdrop of country scenery. Our high play value design has provided amazing adventure opportunities for a wide variety of ages and abilities with harmonic flows between the natural landscape and man-made play equipment. In addition, the layout allows children to develop from one challenge to the next.

For the younger users (age 1-4) we provided the Springer Seesaw designed with a nature theme to excite young imaginations and encourage all children to jump on for a ride. Furthermore, the younger children also get to enjoy a springer, a variety of classic swings and rota rocker.

For the older children, the Titan swing was chosen as it allows five players to spin at an exhilarating speed, providing hours of endless fun. In addition, we provided the Viper Swing, a Zipwire, a Net play structure along with a Uniplay unit crafted with a metal tube slide.

Kenneth Regan, Principal Landscape Services Officer for Haughton Park:

“We recognised that the existing play park was a little bit tired so we dedicated our capital programme to identify types of equipment the community wanted. HAGS have been excellent, the whole process has been relatively smooth, from meeting initially, getting the proposals in right up to the installation. The actual onsite work only took a fortnight to complete.”

The opening event was a huge success and local children are delighted with their new play area.

Explore the playground here

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We believe play is one of the most transformative things humans do. It is essential for us to thrive. Our products enable and encourage everyone to be together and live more playful lives. This, in turn, promotes happier individuals and healthier communities.

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