Endless possibilities for education settings ...

Safe, ergonomically and wonderfully imaginative playground equipment

Everyone who has observed children over a period of time knows how quickly they grow and develop. Their bodies search for new challenges and imagination widens the limits of what is possible. The worlds they have already conquered are soon abandoned for new ones and so our task is to assist you with creative fuel during this journey.

Our products and the environments we create with them provides endless possibilities for education settings. We offer a comprehensive range that takes into consideration all the different key stages, phases of ages, growth and challenge. We offer an extensive range of play functions to encourage children to develop their bodies and the skills they naturally strive to acquire.

HAGS is a Swedish play company which, through its safe, ergonomically and wonderfully imaginative play products, has become a friend to children stretching every corner of the globe. Our driving force stems from a passion: the desire to contribute to each individual child’s physical and mental development to help us inspire future generations.

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