HAGS News:

Return old play equipment to good as new!

Limited budget? Our Play Technicians can return your play equipment to a good as new condition

03/08/2017 15:22:00

Maintenance of all playground equipment is essential ...

Serious defects of playground equipment should be corrected without delay!

01/08/2017 15:17:00

We provide a responsive playground maintenance service

We offer a rapid-response national service (UK Mainland only)

31/07/2017 15:13:00

All our Play Technicians are RPII qualified

All HAGS ‘Play Technicians’ are members of the RPII Register of Inspectors

25/07/2017 15:09:00

30 Years Experience Inspecting and Maintaining

HAGS Installation & Service has over 30 years’ experience in inspecting & maintaining all types of playgrounds.

20/07/2017 15:05:00

Inspections and Repairs on any manufacturer's equipment

HAGS Installation & Service undertake inspections and repairs on any manufacturer's play equipment.

18/07/2017 15:01:00

Introducing HAGS Installation and Service

Our ambition to stay competitive and support our customer base is about looking at how best to optimise our resources.

13/07/2017 13:47:00

Keeping your playground safe

Keep your play and outdoor equipment safe by avoiding these 3 common mistakes

11/07/2017 13:31:00

Tell-tale signs your facilities need updating

In the busy rush of everyday school life, it can be difficult for your staff to find a minute to assess whether you're getting the most from your playground

06/07/2017 13:23:00

10 Steps to get what you need

Ten steps to get exactly what you need from a new play area ...

04/07/2017 11:08:00

Playground repairs for Lambeth

HAGS are pleased to announce that we have won a major 1 year contract with the London Borough of Lambeth

03/07/2017 11:38:00

New funding changes on the horizon

The new government funding formula is set to be introduced during 2018/2019 and this means major changes will be made...

26/06/2017 11:04:00