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Kingsland Primary School, Castleford

Kingsland Primary School is an outstanding rated SEN school in Castleford, England, which caters for children with a range of learning disabilities. They asked HAGS to design and build play areas for each of their two sites.

22/01/2019 15:42:00

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Woodgate Play and Fitness Area, Kingston

This new play and fitness area in Woodgate, Kingston ticks all of our clients requirements with high play value and excellent outdoor gym facilities.

22/11/2018 11:30:00

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Chinley Play Area, Derbyshire

HAGS have recently created a play area in the leafy village of Chinley in the UK. Our play designers managed to include a lot of play activities in a narrow space owing to a well thought out layout.

26/10/2018 14:47:00

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Uniplay Aureli

Climb and slide This two-unit configuration offers multiple climbing and sliding options, for young athletes to be constantly on the move and boost their fitness levels. The ground level space, complete with games to practise mental agility and literacy skills, can welcome wheelchair users, providing access is made possible by adequate surfacing. The new features for 2015 are designed to galvanise children into testing their limits and improving their balance and coordination. The curved wooden entrance is a contemporary update on the simple ladder, with just a bit of curve to make it more interesting. One can then go for the easy ride through the classic slide, or get ready for the real deal! Thrill seekers will jump on Net-Link, the exciting traversing climber between two towers that can be doubled as a space to test their limits and challenge fellow climbers. The ball post really elevates the climbing experience and is good for developing strength and agility. Its polyurethane foam balls provide enough support for small feet to gain traction and children of all abilities should be able to reach the deck. The curved plastic climbing wall is not an easy climb, and requires agility and focus. The wide gaps between the grips make this unit an excellent exercise for endurance and body awareness. Add an optional game at the back of the climbing wall and some fun accessories like the telescope and steering wheel for our aspiring explorers to give free rein to their imagination!


Cast In Place

Wooden Posts / Wooden Panels
Brown - Cast In Place

Product Number: H8049162


8150 x 8850

  • Age Range: 5-12
  • Assembly Time: 29 hours
  • Length (mm): 5000 mm
  • Width (mm): 4700 mm
  • Height (mm): 4050 mm
  • Net Weight: 523.596 kg
  • Volume (m3): 6.5 m³
  • Fall Height (mm): 2500 mm
  • Safety Area Width (mm): 8150 mm
  • Safety Area Length (mm): 8850 mm
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Play Functions


UniPlay Ships Wheel Woodscreen

UniPlay Telescope Wooden Panel


UniPlay HPL Slide 1.5m Grey



UniPlay HPL Slide 1.5m Red

UniPlay HPL Slide 1.5m