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Kingsland Primary School, Castleford

Kingsland Primary School is an outstanding rated SEN school in Castleford, England, which caters for children with a range of learning disabilities. They asked HAGS to design and build play areas for each of their two sites.

22/01/2019 15:42:00

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Woodgate Play and Fitness Area, Kingston

This new play and fitness area in Woodgate, Kingston ticks all of our clients requirements with high play value and excellent outdoor gym facilities.

22/11/2018 11:30:00

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Chinley Play Area, Derbyshire

HAGS have recently created a play area in the leafy village of Chinley in the UK. Our play designers managed to include a lot of play activities in a narrow space owing to a well thought out layout.

26/10/2018 14:47:00

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Arena Duo’s are a positive investment for any community as it brings them together to value sport and teamwork. The Corinthians Arena MUGA has a 30m x 18.5m play zone, with full size, 2 metre wide football goals and basketball hoops at regulation height to incorporate a range of activities. Its large size makes the Corinthians a suitable system for a range of ages and sports. On either side there are 1.2 chicane entrances for wheelchair access and inclusive play and closed curved goals at each end for ball containment. With an impressive playing area and 3 metre high ends to avoid footballs being kicked out of the court, the Corinthians Arena System is to be enjoyed by all for social and active play. All Arena and Duo MUGA systems can be fully customised, to fit the specific requirements for your MUGA.


Product Number: SAZ-CO