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Gala Park, Galashiels

HAGS were invited by the Scottish Borders Council to tender for part of the various proposed play park upgrades they have planned throughout the county, the first being Gala Park in Galashiels.

26/07/2018 17:07:00

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Arnot Hill Playground, Gedling

Arnot Hill Playground was a popular site but needed an upgrade. The park has undergone a £129,000 refurbishment partly funded by WREN and designed by HAGS.

25/07/2018 15:33:00

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Bellshill Academy, North Lanarkshire

HAGS were invited by North Lanarkshire Council to tender for the provision of a large Multi-Use Games Area at Bellshill Academy. The contract was the largest development of this type that North Lanarkshire had carried out and was awarded to HAGS via a competitive process.

05/04/2018 15:08:00

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Product Number: SAZ-QU

Price: £9,635.00

Product Details


Product Number: SAZ-SA

Price: £14,085.00

Product Details


Product Number: SA-WA

Price: £34,985.00

Product Details


Product Number: SAZ-CO

Price: £12,315.00

Product Details


Product Number: SAZ-PO

Price: £13,025.00

Product Details

Golden State

Product Number: SA-GS

Price: £31,440.00

Product Details


Product Number: SA-MS

Price: £18,775.00

Product Details


Product Number: SA-OR

Price: £9,920.00

Product Details

San Antonio

Product Number: SA-AN

Price: £21,700.00

Product Details

Goal End Configuration 7

Product Number: SA-PAGE07

Price: £10,906.00

Product Details

Games Area Configuration 1

Product Number: SA-PAGA01

Price: £14,578.00

Product Details

Games Area Configuration 2

Product Number: SA-PAGA02

Price: £17,524.00

Product Details

Games Area Configuration 3

Product Number: SA-PAGA03

Price: £21,064.00

Product Details

Goal End Configuration 4

Product Number: SA-PAGE04

Price: £5,623.00

Product Details

Goal End Configuration 5

Product Number: SA-PAGE05

Price: £6,020.00

Product Details

Goal End Configuration 6

Product Number: SA-PAGE06

Price: £8,044.00

Product Details