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Gala Park, Galashiels

HAGS were invited by the Scottish Borders Council to tender for part of the various proposed play park upgrades they have planned throughout the county, the first being Gala Park in Galashiels.

26/07/2018 17:07:00

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Arnot Hill Playground, Gedling

Arnot Hill Playground was a popular site but needed an upgrade. The park has undergone a £129,000 refurbishment partly funded by WREN and designed by HAGS.

25/07/2018 15:33:00

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Bellshill Academy, North Lanarkshire

HAGS were invited by North Lanarkshire Council to tender for the provision of a large Multi-Use Games Area at Bellshill Academy. The contract was the largest development of this type that North Lanarkshire had carried out and was awarded to HAGS via a competitive process.

05/04/2018 15:08:00

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Playground Equipment Offers

Here at HAGS we have more products than ever in our Product Offers. Our brochure has been created for customers, installers and contractors. If you're looking to buy authentic British play equipment, then look no further.

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HAGS offer a range of products which are designed and manufactured in Britain. We also offer special delivery gurantee on all the products made in the UK.
Products in the brochure can only be purchased as 'Supply only' (excludes installation).
Use promo code S02018-2 when ordering.
Offer starts 1st July 2018 and expires 31st December 2018.


Children playing on Zingo product


The Zingo family has a range of play opportunities on small surfaces. The colours and shapes of the Zingo products appeal to young users. Zingo promotes interaction between children and development skills as well as challenging physical exercise. 

Zingo Seesaw

Product Number: SPZGS(002)

Price: £2,075.00

Product Details

Zingo Unu, poly slide

Product Number: X-001-P(002)

Price: £5,405.00

Product Details

Zingo Du, Poly Slide

Product Number: X-002/P(002)

Price: On Application

Product Details

Zingo Du, Steel Slide

Product Number: X-002/S(002)

Price: On Application

Product Details

Children playing on Nexus structure


Nexus has a striking and raw architectural style. The structures stimulate action and excite imagination. The family of Nexus products appeal to all children with a sense of adventure with challenges that never allow them to get bored. With a modern architectural style, Nexus invites you to scale new heights.

Nexus Core

Product Number: NXCBE(001)

Price: £11,020.00

Product Details

Nexus Core

Product Number: NXCRS(001)

Price: £9,730.00

Product Details

Nexus Quantum

Product Number: NXQS2(001)

Price: £5,405.00

Product Details

Nexus Velocity 2

Product Number: NXVS2(001)

Price: £9,770.00

Product Details

Two children playing on NRG products


NRG offers various forms of balance training, using ropes and steadier surfaces. The trail system was designed to be eye catching and challenging. The steel curved arches and support posts make an impressive centre piece however there are also numerous individual play units, they can be arranged in virtually any configuration to create your own layout. 


Product Number: EC229S

Price: £3,035.00

Product Details


Product Number: EC221S

Price: £840.00

Product Details


Product Number: EC205S

Price: £2,765.00

Product Details


Product Number: EC202S

Price: £1,440.00

Product Details

Children playing football in an arena


Arena is a high performance, feature packed system which is extremely versatile and durable for a variety of sports. We have a lifetime functional strength guarantee with this product.


Product Number: SAZ-QU

Price: £9,635.00

Product Details


Product Number: SAZ-SA

Price: £14,085.00

Product Details


Product Number: SA-WA

Price: £34,985.00

Product Details


Product Number: SAZ-CO

Price: £12,315.00

Product Details

People working out on outdoor fitness equipment


Exercising is fundamental in helping to improve everyones health and well-being. We have a range of equpiment that promotes and improves cardiovascular training and toning. 

Our range covers a number of exercises, making it possible to train various muscle groups. Outdoor gym stations have been desgined to challenge and strengthen specific msucle groups. They help the user build stamina and boost fitness levels.


Product Number: DEN-1305

Price: On Application

Product Details

Back Shape

Product Number: DEN-6119

Price: On Application

Product Details

Balance Board

Product Number: DEN-6117

Price: On Application

Product Details

Bike Fit Senior

Product Number: DEN-6221

Price: On Application

Product Details

Children swinging on swings


We all have playground favourites that make up a great play faciltity. Our traditional and dyanmic play units help complete a playground and can be combined to complement our entire play range. You can find a range of swing products in the brochure.

Titan Pendulum Seat

Product Number: 71240801

Price: On Application

Product Details

Titan T-bar Hanger

Product Number: 71240803

Price: On Application

Product Details

Titan Rope Seat

Product Number: 71240802

Price: On Application

Product Details


Product Number: NXFRS(001)

Price: £1,824.00

Product Details

Two children playing on the Dragonfly product

Solo products

We have all the playground favorites that make up a great play facility. Our range includes springers and rockers, seesaws, swings, roundabouts and spinners, and many other accessories. 

Rota Roka

Product Number: RA401S

Price: £1,492.00

Product Details


Product Number: HS8057040(06)

Price: £1,995.00

Product Details

Spinmee Inclusive Roundabout

Product Number: CAR-SP2(008)

Price: £5,450.00

Product Details


Product Number: CAR-TOR(008)

Price: £2,120.00

Product Details
Lindon Bennett 1

Lindon Bennett School, London

HAGS designed a bespoke UniPlay unit with inclusive access and activities. The unit was multi-level featuring a double-width slide, net climber, ships wheel, table and benches, and interactive games. It also featured ramp access to allow inclusive play for many of the features.

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Radnor Park 1

Radnor Park, Folkestone

HAGS have recently completed the installation of three exciting new play areas contributing to the complete transformation of upper Radnor Park in Folkestone. The play facilities will enjoy a fantastic new setting next to the recently opened Radnor Park Tea Room, the restored Victorian water fountain, and a redesigned landscape, with new lawns, flowerbeds and pathways.

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  • The team’s communication and liaison was excellent. Where compromise was necessary because of prevailing conditions, the outcome was always in the best interests of the children. All parties brought their own skill set and worked as a dream team!

    Julia Buck, School business manager, Lydgate Junior School